Ryan and Naii talk about what it is to be a radical activist. Tune In!
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Black Diamond Award Recipient: Naii Dawkins
R&B & Chill’s first ever Black Diamond award recipient! Thank you for an amazing opportunity! This platform is everything we need and the timing was perfect! BUT GOD!!!!!! I wouldn’t be anything that I am if God wasn’t the head of my life! Big thanks to my ancestors! Thank you for passing me the torch! I'll continue to set the world on fire! Thank you to my supporters! I wish I could tag all of you but there is a limit!! ADVICE: KEEP GOING!!!!!! Whoever is there is meant to be there. Always know your worth and add tax! If you feel like you're convincing someone of your worth, just walk away! DO NOT BE AFRAID TO WALK AWAY FROM SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT SUIT YOU! You are your best advocate!!!! I promise to use my voice, resources, and platforms to make sure we all have a seat at the table!! I love you all!!!!!!
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